5 Top Custom Car Shops in America

1. Platinum Motorsport

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Specialty: Supercars

For musicians, actors, debutantes or athletes who do regular stops in L.A., Platinum is one of the go-to spots to drop off their rides. Kim Kardashian, Carmelo Anthony, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Lindsay Lohan are but just a few of their celebrity clients. Although known for their high-end European luxury and supercar clients, they offer full collision center services for vehicles spanning all socioeconomic brackets. Just make sure you have insurance.

2. Galpin Auto Sports

Location: Van Nuys, CA
Specialty: Trucks, SUVs, Luxuries and Exotics

The customization division of a Ford dealership, Galpin Ford was established in the suburbs of Los Angeles back in 1946. Ancient for California, Galpin has been the number-one volume Ford dealer for multiple years. The ability to slang mad F-150s aside, Galpin Auto Sport works on all makes and models, but specializes in Ford builds ranging from rally-inspired Focuses (or is it Foci?) to lifted Raptors to quarter-mile dominating Mustangs. 

3. West Coast Customs

Location: Corona, CA
Specialty: Vintage, Muscle, Luxury, SUV/ Truck

If you haven't heard of West Coast Customs, it's time to upgrade to cable or satellite TV, stat. For four seasons, West Coast Customs dominated MTV programming turning automotive turds into polished, colorful automotive turds on Pimp my Ride, turning the shop into a recognized brand. Embarking on its third season of Inside West Coast Customs TV show on Velocity Network, tune in to see what they can do to a car just like yours.

4. CEC

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Specialty: Luxury, Exotics, European

For a more, how shall we say, tasteful type of build, CEC may be more your flavor. The craftsmen at CEC can manipulate carbon fiber, leather, aluminum and wood trim to customize your vehicle. Although CEC heavily promotes its own wheel brand of the same name, the customizer also distributes the top European brands such as Hamann, Mansory, Carlsson, Novitec Rosso and Speedart through their Los Angeles and Miami storefronts.

5. Action Tire

Location: Lodi, NJ
Specialty: SUV, Luxury, Trucks

Listed as one of the 10 best custom shops in North America by DuPont Registry, Action Tire is more than just tires. Custom audio systems, integrated monitors, exhaust, suspension and wheels are but just a sampling of their wares. Action tire was also featured in The DUB Magazine Project and Ice-T's TV show Ice Loves Coco. Apparently, Ice loves Action, as well. But, don't we all...

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