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Universal Cooling Engine Thermostat Wiring Sets Fan Temperature Switch Relay Kit


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This Monster Cooling relay wiring kit takes all of the guess work out of installing a single or a dual fan setup.

Perfect for the professional auto mechanic,the weekend machanic and for all DIY'ers.

It will make installing any Electric Fan(s) to your cooling system project that much easier

About the Relay
Relay is an electrical control device that usually used in automatic control circuit.
The relay in fact is an automatic switch which uses a smaller current to control a larger current.

What's the Relay Used for:
Compatible with almost all automobiles and devices equipped with a 12V DC power supply.
Like starter kills, power door lock/actuator control, change a low current output to high current,
add ignition/accessory outputs,control motors/other electronics.

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It is also suitable for automobile used for control, alarms, horn, headlight and more.

About the Relay Pins
Pins 85 & 86 - are used to turn 'on' the relay. You need a positive (+) and negative (-) power source to turn on the relay.
- Pin 85 - is usually negative (-)
- Pin 86 - is usually positive (+)
Pin 30 - is either a (+) or (-) source that feeds Pin 87 or Pin 87a
Pin 87 - when the relay is 'on': Pin 30 and Pin 87 are connected

* The relay is rated for 30A, while the socket 14AWG wires are not big enough for the rated 30/40 amps.
If you are intending to run 30 amps continuously, you could remove the spade contacts from the connector,
carefully open the crimps securing the wire to the contact and recrimp/solder 10 gauge wires to it.
Also, you can use 6.3 mm female connectors to connect directly to the relay pins. The relay should be good for 30 amps.