Alloyworks Fuel Rail Kit For GM Chevy Truck Manifold 6.0L 6.2L L92 L99 NBSS LS3 Square Port

Alloyworks Fuel Rail Kit For GM Chevy Truck Manifold 6.0L 6.2L L92 L99 NBSS LS3 Square Port

Please check if this fits your vehicle before purchasing
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Please check if this fits your vehicle before purchasing

PTFE Hose and fittings come preassembled.
You can run hose in front under throttle body or rear. Kit is designed to use with stock injectors. If you go longer you can just shim under brackets.

Square Port Gen IV 6.0-6.2 truck manifold -8AN high flow BLACK fuel rails complete with fittings, E85 hose & hardware. Typically found on 2007-14 to current 6.0-6.2 Silverado, Tahoe, Avalanche, Suburban etc. 

Set of LS Gen IV aluminum 6061 fuel rails with precise fitment and high quality bracket and Allen head bolt hardware. Billet EFI Fuel rails feature precision machining with heavy duty mounts for high pressure applications. These double anodized fuel rails are threaded with a -8AN ORB port and have a 16.1mm / 41/64" size bore. Inclusive of brackets and hardware. 

Black anodized lightweight 6061 aluminum fittings provide maximum flow and do not require sealing compound or tape, one-piece reusable mandrel-bent fittings.

High quality kit that will flow well and be a great improvement over a stock fuel rail, or a cheaper fuel rails version already installed.

This Listing Is Also Including:
2 x 90° -8AN fittings
3 x -8AN ORB Fuel rail end fittings and one end plug.
8 x injector spacers.

This allows use of stock manifold without having to modify stock GM manifold. FYI the injector spacers go under injectors (not on top). This spacer placement had zero effect on fuel atomization and subsequent dyno tuning sessions. The injector spray pattern was tight enough that it does not interfere.

1 x 213mm of -8 black nylon braided PTFE hose with bursting strength at 1,500lbs. Already cut to proper length and fittings installed.
1 x -8AN male female union with side port 1/8 NPT for pressure gauge. Comes with 1/8NPT plug as well.
1 x -8 90° male female fitting to clear manifold shoulders.

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