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CC390 Aluminum Shroud Fan For Ford LTD II Thunderbird Mongeto 5L 5.8L 1972-79 75


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This Listing Is Including:
1 x Aluminum Shroud
2 x Fans (Includes mounting kits)

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A car engine produces heat that reaches 280F in only a few minutes. This is why a cooling system is included to maintain the engine's temperature at a tolerable level. The radiator, fan, and fan shroud are parts of that system, and the focus of this segment is on the fan shroud. It may look like a part your car can live without, but it actually provides an irreplaceable function. Read on to find why, and discover more information.

Question & Answer:
What's a fan shroud and how does it work?
Basically, a fan shroud surrounds the fan, that's it; but there's an even deeper explanation. Since the fan assists the radiator in cooling the engine, the radiator needs all the air it can get. The fan shroud is designed to gather the moving air from the fan to the radiator. If there's no fan shroud, the air from the fan will scatter, and the radiator will not cool the engine effectively.