Alloyworks Oil Catch Can w/ Z-Bracket Kits Fit 2011-2022 Dodge Challenger Charger Chrysler 300

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Please check if this fits your vehicle before purchasing

2011-2022 Dodge Challenger Charger 5.7L 6.4L
2011-2022 Chrysler 300 5.7L 6.4L

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Condition : 100% Brand New,Exactly the same as seen in pictures
Type : Oil Catch Can
Material : Billet Aluminum
Finish : Red Finish

Package Includes:
4 oz Capacity
Billet Catch Can
Billet Hose Ends
Black Forged Fittings
Patented Diffuser Upgrade

Properties & Material:
❥ The product can repair the PCV system,used on the engine to reduce toxic gases released to the atmosphere and eliminate positive pressure/gas channeling from the crankcase.
❥ The billet capture tank/oil and gas separator will condense and collect the oil vapor before it reaches the intake pipe.
❥ As gas and oil vapors enter the Can, they can pass through a chamber filtration system that cools the oil vapors and enables them to adhere.
❥ When the oil forms a hole and gathers at the bottom of the Catch Can to capture the tank, it will be discharged. This is where the extra chamber filtration system works, allowing only clean air to pass and avoid gas escaping.

What does ALLOYWORKS Catch Can do?
Billet Catch Can / oil-air separator will condense and collect the oil vapor before it has any chance to reach the intake tract. As the gas and oil vapor enters Catch Can, they pass through a Chambered filtering system that cools the oil vapor and gives it something to adhere to.

Then the oil forms into droplets and collects in the bottom of the Catch Can so that they can later be drained. This is where the additional Chambered filtering system comes into play allowing only the clean air to pass through so it can eliminate unwanted blow-by.

All engines have blow by otherwise there would be no need for a PCV system on your engine. PCV = Positive Crankcase Valve, which eliminates Positive Crankcase Pressure. Catch Can have become one of the most widely used and recommended cures for just about every application.

The engine size and horsepower level are not relevant to the performance of Catch Can. Catch Can have become a cornerstone by improving the Performance and Economy on any vehicle you install it on.

HEMI Catch Can Installation Instructions:
Step 1: Unscrew the bottom of the can from the top and screw it onto the front water pump stud and tighten the jam nut when you have it positioned comfortably in place.
Step 2: Once the top is installed you can then screw the bottom of the catch can back on and that will complete the catch can side.
Step 3: Now you can remove the hose on the top of the manifold behind the throttle body and then from the manifold that is beneath the throttle body that goes to the PCV valve.
Step 4: Now you can measure and fit the lines to the catch can as pictured and the installation is all done.

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