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16" 12v Slim Thin Fan Push Pull Radiator Cooling Electric Radiator Fan USA


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16" High Efficiency curved blade Radiator Fans

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Just like other major components in the car, the radiator cannot work on its own.
It has supporting parts that help it perform its function more efficiently.
In order for the radiator to reduce temperature of the water and coolant mixture that goes through the engine, it needs airflow that absorbs the heat and assists evaporation.
Radiator fans are used to draw the air towards the radiator and help in the cooling process.
High performance radiator fan may be used to replace your OE product for more efficient cooling.

They allow more air to circulate around the radiator and they need less horsepower to operate too, making them ideal for our radiator fan replacement.

Also, These curved blade Fans have an ultra slim design so the fan can be installed easily against your radiator, in the most convenient position to allow for more leniencies for other aftermarket parts.

Specifics and Benefits:
Aids to Cool the Entire Engine Bay, including Radiator, A/C System, Intercooler, Oil System,
and Transmission.
High Quality Lightweight Plastic Durable Material
Direct Bolt-On Installation, Requires No Modification
Performance JDM Spec. Racing Design
OE Fitment or Replacement, Push or Pull Type
Item Dimension:
Maximum Fan CFM: 1730 cfm
Fan Diameter (in): 16.050”
Thickness (in): 2.500”
Number of Blades: 10 blades
Maximum Fan RPM: 2,250 rpm
Blade Material: Plastic
Amp Draw: 12.70 amps
Includes the Mounting Tabs for an Easy Zip Tie Installation