Influencer Recruit

Interested in reviewing AlloyWorks radiators and winning an exclusive toolbox gift?

1pc 1/4 Spring
1pc 1/2 Multidirectionat Connectors
9pc CR-V Chromlum Vanadium Steei Dual Use Wrench: 8,10,11.12,13,14,17.19,22mm
12pc 1/2 Short Rod Sleeve(50mm)
1pc 1/2 Spring
12pc 1/2 Series Sleeve: 14,15,16,11,18,19,20,22,24,27.30,32mm
2pc Spark Plug Sleeve(16&21mm) ​​
1pc 1/2.Big Ratchet Wrench (250mm)
Tpc1/4 Littie Ratchet Wrench(140mm)
1pc 1/4 Slider1110mm
Ipc 1/4 Multidirectianal Connectors
Ipc 1/4 Elastic Jaint(140mm)

1pc 1/2 Slider Long Connector(240mmi Ipc1/4 Long Bari100mm)
1pc 1/4 Short Bar(50mm)
13pc 1/4 Series Sleeve: 4,4.5,5,5.5,6.7,8,9
15pc 5/16 Spin Batch Head
Word: 8,10,12 Rice Word- 3.4
Cross 3,4 Hexsgonal: 8,10,12,14
Foweт Type T40,T45,750,T55
Rier Worde 12-Word-4,6.5,7
Cross 1,2 Hexagonal.
Flower Type. T8,T10.T15,T20,T25,t30
1pc 1/4 5mal Square Bar (140mm)

Wish to review Alloyworks Auto parts and win an exclusive toolbox gift? We want you! We are looking for influencers with following and engagement. We've already done several collaborations on YouTube and Instagram with influencers to review our radiators and spread our brand awareness to their subscribers and viewers.
Alloyworks will host an event. By posting unboxing and installation review videos or pictures on your social media platform, you will have a chance to win an exclusive toolbox. We’ll select the best 3 videos/pictures reviews as winners to win the toolbox gift!
Winners will be announced on May 30th, Good luck!

Or by email at:  [email protected] 

We take your privacy very seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services you requested. Alloyworks reserves the right to final interpretation.