AlloyWorks Radiator Install! KEEP YOUR COYOTE COOL!

IWe take a little side bar with the Coyote swap to show you the radiator we were sent from AlloyWorks to put into the S197.


In today's video we get back to working on my 2008 Ford Explorer V6 4.0 SOHC. After replacing the timing chains in the last video, we finish up by repairing our broken valve cover, replacing the water pump and installing an awesome looking brand new aluminum radiator from the guys over at AlloyWorks!


IHi, Alloyworks sent us a nice radiator to try out. In this video we install alloyworks 3 core aluminum radiator into my buddies 1975 Ford Elite.

My Classic Truck Gets A Performance Radiator!

My Old Dodge just got... COOLER! 😉 In this video I install an all-aluminum performance radiator from @AlloyWorks. I'll show you how to install a radiator yourself and bleed the air out of the cooling system, and I compare the new performance radiator to another aftermarket option from Duralast.!

Square body Dually 454 Holley Sniper EFI Install

In todays Video I Install a Holley Sniper EFI and Hyperspark system on my 1976 C30 Pickup. Everything goes great!.... Except it doesn't start....


Something happened suddenly.

Santa's Workshop installs the radiator of Alloyworks

The radiator install was as smooth as could be. Always nice to be working with a superior product to make life easier.

Alloy Works radiator. Making brackets and test fitting. Jade part 105.

After receiving the radiator, it was unpacked and installed, and many changes were made.

Rat Rod Bob Builds AlloyWorks Aluminum Radiator Review

Watch the actual product at close range.

UnWrecked Install an Aluminum Radiator and Electric fans from

The Chevy C10 is getting some modern upgrades!

How to wire

Check How to wire electric radiator cooling fans using the AlloyWorks radiator relay and temperature switch kit.

Mini Cooper S AlloyWorks Intercooler by Poor Man Mods

Install the AlloyWorks front mount intercooler in 2010 Mini Cooper Step by Step

AlloyWorks Radiator Review for 1977 Chevrolet Nova

They received the radiator of AlloyWorks. Record from the beginning of package opening, and you can completely see the whole process from package opening to installation after receiving AlloyWorks.

Chris N' Cars: Install Alloyworks Radiator

He has been running these fans for several months now and no issues. He loved the kit so much I made this sweet little tutorial on how to install radiator and wire up fans. Hope this helps you all out!

Turbo 5 2 manum AlloyWorks radiator installation and driving.

After they received the product, they installed it and drove on the road to test it!

Coolant Overflow Tank Review by Joe’s Auto Electric

Check out Joe’s Auto Electric’s review of AlloyWorks’ Matte Black Powder-Coated Aluminum Coolant Overflow Tank with O-ring Seals on Fittings and Cap!