Rev Up Your Ride: Alloyworks 4th Anniversary Sale

As Alloyworks celebrates its fourth anniversary, it's time for enthusiasts and drivers alike to rejoice! The much-anticipated sale event promises not only incredible discounts but also the chance to win your order for free with every purchase. From radiators to wheel hubs & bearings, Alloyworks has curated a selection of top categories offering a flat 7% off sitewide. Let's delve into each category to explore the benefits and upgrades awaiting you.


Extra 7% OFF All Radiators: Enhance Your Cooling System

Radiators are the unsung heroes of your vehicle's cooling system, responsible for maintaining optimal engine temperature during operation. Alloyworks radiators are crafted with precision and durability in mind, utilizing high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques. Whether you're looking to replace a worn-out radiator or upgrade to a high-performance model, Alloyworks has you covered. Enjoy a 7% discount across the entire range of radiators, ensuring that your engine stays cool under pressure without breaking the bank.

3 Row Radiator+Shroud Fan For 1978-1987 Chevy C/K C10 C20 Monte Carlo GMC-90w

Was $249.00

Now 231.57 (7% OFF)


Intercoolers: Boost Performance with Efficiency

Intercoolers play a crucial role in turbocharged and supercharged engines, maximizing power output by cooling the compressed air before it enters the engine. Alloyworks intercoolers are designed to deliver exceptional cooling efficiency, resulting in increased horsepower and torque for your vehicle. With a 7% discount on all intercoolers during the anniversary sale, now is the perfect time to optimize your engine's performance and unleash its full potential on the road or track.

Alloyworks Top Mount Intercooler fit 2002-2006 Mini Cooper S R53 Supercharger 1.6L

Was $109.00

Then $88.00, 19% OFF

Now $81.84 (7% OFF)


Control Arms: Stability and Precision in Every Turn

Control arms are integral components of your vehicle's suspension system, connecting the chassis to the wheels and allowing for smooth handling and control. Alloyworks control arms are engineered for durability and precision, ensuring optimal alignment and stability through every turn. Whether you're tackling tight corners or cruising down the highway, our control arms provide the confidence and responsiveness you need. Take advantage of the 7% discount offered on all control arms during the anniversary sale and elevate your driving experience to new heights.

Alloyworks Front Upper Control Arms 2-4" Lift Kit For 1996-02 Toyota 4Runner 1995-04 Tacoma

Was $105.00

Now $97.65 (7% OFF)



Manifolds: Optimizing Exhaust Flow for Power

Exhaust manifolds play a vital role in channeling exhaust gases away from the engine while optimizing flow for improved performance. Alloyworks manifolds are meticulously designed to minimize restrictions and maximize exhaust flow, resulting in enhanced power and efficiency. Whether you're seeking a performance upgrade or replacing a worn-out manifold, our selection offers the perfect solution for your needs. Enjoy a 7% discount across all manifolds during the anniversary sale and experience the difference firsthand.

Alloyworks Exhaust Manifold w/ Gasket Kit fit Honda Accord Odyssey Acura CL Isuzu 2.2L/2.3L

Was $94.99

Now $88.34  (7% OFF)



Upgrade Your Ride with Alloyworks


As Alloyworks commemorates its fourth anniversary, now is the perfect time to upgrade your vehicle with top-quality parts and accessories. With a flat 7% discount sitewide and the chance to win your order for free with every purchase, there's never been a better opportunity to elevate your driving experience. From radiators to wheel hub & bearings, Alloyworks offers a comprehensive selection of categories to meet your needs and preferences. Don't miss out on the anniversary sale – shop now and take your ride to the next level with Alloyworks.

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